Aluminum Production Fabrication

Calgary Aluminum offers production run for various size of projects. We can make custom one-off parts, but we can also mass produce your original parts. Aluminum fabrication and production parts are right in our wheelhouse. We will work with you and your team to make the highest-quality aluminum production parts possible. Our team is ready to service all your aluminum fabrication production needs. Take a look at the process. We will walk you through all of it, from concept to delivery, to ensure you are satisfied and become a return customer.

1. Drawing

We start off by taking your concept or drawings and digitize it into a machine readable file for reusability and production accuracy. We will work with you to make it the best possible part so that it works for your application and we can make them quickly and accurately.

2. Prototype

We produce a sample or model built to test a concept or process as part of pre-production. Being able to check the part is important; that way, you know it’ll fit and work the way you need it to. Once the prototype is complete and you’re satisfied with it, we will proceed.

3. Production

Upon approval from our customers in the prototyping stage, we begin our production run with QA. Every part we produce will go through a quality assurance stage to make sure that it’s within tolerance. We won’t send you any parts that don’t pass our stringent QA process.

4. Deliver

Once your parts are complete, tell us how you want to acquire them. We offer in-store pickup or optional shipping nationwide. Customer satisfaction guarantee.


Do you have a project in mind or have other questions specific to our sheet metal punching service? We are ready to assist you and keep your project moving forward. Please call us (403) 279-3392 or visit our contact page for more information.